The Par Plasé Cooperative, of which the Casa Rossa ai Colli belongs, manages the agritourism restaurant. The philosophy of “LA CUCINA” prefers a return to nature and its flavors, true and genuine. Enjoying our dishes you can taste:

• The vegetables grown by Angela and Paolo of “L’ORTO SUL FIUME” of Aonedis

•  The cheese and butter from the dairy of Brazzacco supplied by “AZIENDA AGRICOLA DRIUSSI” of Martignacco

• The rabbits bred by Gregorio of “A FIL DI TIERE” of Lestans

• Beef and cheeses produced by Bepo di “CARNIAGRICOLA” of Enemonzo

• The poultry reared by Stefano of “IN CORTILE” of Sottoselva

• The pigs reared by Renzo from the “CINAUSERO” farm in Erto

• The eggs of hens of the “HOLLY FARM” farm of Forgaria nel Friuli

•  The wine of the Vicentini Orgnani di Valeriano winery

They are all small and medium-sized farms that work in respect of nature and the animals, offering traditionally crafted products, to express the uniqueness of the Friulian territory.

This philosophy is reflected in the work and passion that expresses the staff of “LA CUCINA” of the Casa Rossa ai Colli.

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